General FAQ

What is vi?

vi is a contextual video platform. We connect publishers, content creators and brands through video storytelling.

As audiences gravitate towards watching over reading, our algorithm matches video stories to text, and brands to consumers. We provide self-serve tools for publishers to captivate and monetize audiences. vi is trusted by 1000+ apps and sites to deliver millions of contextual video stories every day.

What are vi’s products?

vi stories delivers you video content contextually matched to your site, and video advertising.

You have different choices for using vi stories:

  • video content and demand from vi
  • your own video content, demand from vi
  • content from vi, your direct demand
  • content from vi, combined direct and vi demand

vi stories is optimized to achieve maximum revenue, while ensuring a great user experience.

Advertisers decide a price (CPM) they are willing to pay to have their video ads shown on a site/app. We connect you with the most relevant demand for your site, to get you the highest earnings for your inventory. How do I make money with vi?

With vi stories, thanks to our contextual matching technology, the content will be closely matched to your content, leading to higher revenues for you, and a better experience for your visitors.

Each time a visitor opens your webpage with vi stories on, there are two possible scenarios:

a. An ad appears, followed by video content.

b. Only video content is showing, which happens if there is no ad available that matches the visitor.

Please note that you get paid only for the ad impressions, not for the video content that appears. 

What is CPM?

CPM stands for Cost per Mile. It is the amount an advertiser is willing to pay for every 1,000 impressions.

How much can I earn?

The revenue (CPMs) from video ads is higher than the one from traditional display advertising. Still, it’s impossible to predict your exact earnings, since they depend on various factors, such as your website traffic, quality, and region of your users.

Why do I get excluded from selling my inventory?

We have an obligation towards our advertisers to present them only with brand-safe placements. To ensure that, we use our own tool, which simultaneously analyses information from:

Google Safe Browsing
Public Malware lists
Blacklists maintained by our customers and vi
Integral Ad Science

We filter out non-brand safe domains, before integrating and in regular audits. Publishers who don’t comply will be excluded and informed accordingly.

What exactly does the tool analyze? 

It checks for adult content, violence, illegal content, hate speech and fraudulent traffic.

What is brand safety?

The term refers to making sure that ads are being shown in a safe environment so that advertisers can avoid issues such as ad fraud and being associated with content that harms the company’s image.