Best practices

Do I have to include video content for running an ad?

It is not mandatory to use the video content. You could opt-out of the content and get only video ads.  However, the best way to make money is through vi stories, since it creates instream opportunities and ensures contextual matching.

What are instream placements?

Instream refers to showing ads within a video. If the ad plays before the video is started, this is called pre-roll. If it appears while the video is playing, you would call it mid-roll. And if it appears after the video is finished, that would be a post-roll.

Does your video player require a minimum size?

We only accept medium placement sizes or larger.

Minimum width:

Mobile: 301px

Desktop: 336px

Where should I place the unit to maximize earnings?

By implementing vi stories in an area “above the fold”, users don’t have to scroll down to see the ads. This will improve viewability. According to research from Google, the average viewability rate for “below the fold” is around 50%, while for “above the fold”, it’s over 70%.

The higher the viewability, the more demand you’ll receive for your placements.

Many publishers think placing an ad unit at the top of the page will have a negative impact on the user experience. However, as John Brown at Google says, “when ads are implemented above the fold in a user-friendly way, they do not annoy, distract or result in ad performance issues”.

vi stories being a contextual video player, not just an ad unit, so you shouldn’t worry about it harming the experience. On the contrary, your audience will be more entertained thanks to the high-quality content. As for any changes, you are doing to your site, we recommend keeping track of the impact through web analytics tools.

What is viewability? 

The concept refers to how visible ads are to website visitors. It is meant to ensure that advertisers don’t pay for ads that the user cannot see. For example, if an ad loads at the bottom of the page, but the visitor doesn’t scroll down there, the impression is not considered viewable.